Hi, I am Lionel Sinclair – My own personal route to awareness and self-acceptance triggered my passion to help others to find their own way.

I studied various healing disciplines which led me to becoming an ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPIST. This has enabled me as a therapist to create new understanding and awareness in my client’s mind that allows them to feel a new level of empowerment and an ability to discover new inner resources they didn’t know they had.

I specialise in all kinds of psychological and physiological disorders – Stress and anxiety, confidence, self-esteem issues, substance abuse whether alcohol or drugs, as well weight control and many other issues. A full list is available on the Treatments page on this website.

It is a mine field out there with so many therapists promising this and that. Many of my clients have struggled with such people before finding me. I work intuitively with all my clients and each session is relaxing, interesting and provides the tools for change.

I am highly professional and commit to each client to work to my best ability to help you achieve what you require.

This holistic approach ensures that together we find our way through whatever we are working on in a safe, comfortable and confidential manner.

I have been recognised and ratified by the NHS Directory of Complementary Practitioners, and am a member of the following governing bodies:

The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy

G.H.R The General Hypnotherapy Register

GHSC The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council