Dealing With Worry

New ways of dealing with worry It is a rare person who can truly say that they don’t worry. Most of us recognise the distracting thoughts, the what if this and what if that happens scenario The unpleasant thoughts that nothing will be the same again. However most of the time worry serves no useful … Continued

Expectations in life

What is it that you expect in your life? Do you go for the good things, a positive outlook, or its reverse, only expecting the worst – a negative outlook? Do you feel you don’t measure up, comparing yourself to other people? The more the negative thoughts, the more you allow ‘self- sabotaging’, ensuring that … Continued


Anxiety attacks affect people in various ways. Some say they feel lost, desperate and more frightened than they have ever felt before. Also they experience the physical symptoms of a racing heart, sweaty hands, and tightness of the chest and a feeling of sickness. Combined with the psychological feelings of paranoia and a detached feeling … Continued

Stop the Misery of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep has a huge impact on our life and general good health. It makes us feel exhausted unable to think clearly, and takes away the ability to function at our best on a daily basis. Everyone has the odd period when we find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep and this … Continued

Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

When people come to me to stop smoking, my first question to them is ‘do you really want to stop?’. Because if they don’t, then it is unlikely that anything, including hypnosis, will help. It has to be something they really want to do for themselves, not for their partners, parents, employers etc. Smokers are … Continued

Ease the Symptoms of IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a distressing and embarrassing condition and the precise cause and treatment is a subject that has been centre of much debate. Doctors are not really sure what causes IBS. It would appear that in people who suffer, the nerves and the muscles in the bowel are more sensitive causing the muscles … Continued

Fear of Flying – Why Suffer?

This is the time of year when I get lots of calls regarding this problem. The usual conversation starts with ‘I am due to go on holiday soon and I cannot face it. I am so afraid. Can you help me – the thought of flying ruins it for me and the effect it has … Continued