Dealing With Worry

New ways of dealing with worry

It is a rare person who can truly say that they don’t worry.
Most of us recognise the distracting thoughts, the what if this and what if that happens scenario
The unpleasant thoughts that nothing will be the same again.
However most of the time worry serves no useful function. It only serves to steal our energy and tends to paralyse us from taking the action that would help.

Take Action

So worry only leads to emotional upset. We put off taking appropriate decisions or action to solve our problems. The body becomes affected with headaches, muscular pains and stomach problems. Worry takes over and we get locked into a worry cycle that stops us from just getting on with life. When we worry it has an impact on our quality of life and of those around us we need to take action. Taking action or controlling the situation where possible is empowering. Change your perception of the problem, use different and more positive language to yourself to describe the problem. Let it become a concern or a challenge that needs resolving not saying to yourself that you are helpless or worried sick. Make positive changes and do things that you have been promising yourself for a long time. Make them happen and you change your mood and your perception of the worry as well.

Restrict the time you allow worry. Say STOP to yourself if you find that you are worrying too much. Have a REALITY CHECK. Ask yourself how likely is it that this worry will materialise in the way you imagine. Most times it is very unlikely. Decide that if the worst should happen how you would deal with it.

TAKE ACTION. By taking control or action is the solution. It is not only the helpful and practical approach; it lowers your anxiety levels further aiding your resolve to solve the problem.

Remember you are only powerless if you allow yourself to be so.

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