Stop the Misery of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep has a huge impact on our life and general good health. It makes us feel exhausted unable to think clearly, and takes away the ability to function at our best on a daily basis.

Everyone has the odd period when we find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep and this usually coincides with stress or worries and in many cases this resolves and normal sleep habits resume. When this is not the case and sleep problems become more regular we use a different term INSOMNIA.

There are different types of insomnia and in order to deal with them it first has to be ascertained what type you are suffering from.

What causes insomnia? Well each person is different in this respect but there are common factors.

There can be a family history.

You may be more affected by stress and anxiety or depression.

There really are so many areas that can contribute but generally significant changes in what’s happening in your life whether good or not so good can be triggers.

The most common cause is the habit of poor sleep becoming a vicious circle where the worry associated with it becomes enough to make it worse therefore the cycle of WORRY about not sleeping becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hypnosis can help by firstly getting to the cause of insomnia and help break the vicious circle. It also does not involve medication which can be problematic in itself.

It also is able to help with the psychological reasons that affect sleep such as racing thoughts, habitual behaviours or unresolved emotion that all fuel that cycle.

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